Unsigned of the Month Interview and Review: Carbonstone

Unsigned of the Month Interview and Review: Carbonstone

Making their grand return from a 7 year hiatus, Carbonstone are back with a brand new album ‘Dark Matter‘ (released in October 2021) and a follow up single ‘Scream‘ (released in March 2022).

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Carbonstone are all about the alternative metal/industrial sound and draw their inspiration from the likes of Korn, Linkin Park, Static-X and NIN which is evident in their music. Walking the line between modern Electronica elements and melodic nu-metal influences, Carbonstone have crafted their own, unique sound whilst staying true to their inspirations.

Corey states on their sound evolution: “Obviously if you listen to ‘What You’ve Become’ and listen to the new album ‘Dark Matter,’ it’s a huge sound change. I’ve always wanted to go down the industrial route. I’m a huge NIN fan and Stabbing Westward, I love Stabbing Westward. So I’ve always wanted to do that and I guess back 8 years ago, we didn’t have the capability to do that.”

Check out my interview with Corey from Carbonstone below which also includes an exclusive, never-before revealed announcement!

You can also give them a follow on their social media accounts:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/carbonstonemusic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/xcarbonstonex

Instagram: www.instagram.com/carbonstone_band

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