Unsigned of the Month Interview and Review: Deceased Society

Unsigned of the Month Interview and Review: Deceased Society

Extreme metal with groovy metalcore undertones and in your face modern thrash brought together under the umbrella of a mutual love for Slayer. Sounds up your street? Then you need to check these guys out.

Scottish quintet Deceased Society have drawn inspiration from across the metal spectrum to present their latest track ‘Storm Wolf;’ a barrage of brutally insane vocals, lightning fast riffage, heavy basslines and thunderous drumming yet with a very personal meaning. This track grabs you by the jugular and doesn’t let go from the get go. If this doesn’t get you moving, nothing will.

All 5 members of the band are very seasoned musicians in their own right having been in the music scene for a number of years. But collectively they are a very young band and currently have more material in the works which will make it’s way to the public sphere very soon. My advice is to give them a follow and keep an ear out. It’s clear that they are very passionate about what they do and are set to make quite the impact. You can check out my interview with the band below; strap in though as it’s a chatty one. Give them a follow on their social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deceasedsociety/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deceasedsociety/

For Fans Of: Trivium, Thy Art Is Murder, Chelsea Grin

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