December 25th 1975 Iron Maiden was born!!

December 25th 1975 Iron Maiden was born!!
This line-up of Iron Maiden would record the debut album and tour for about nine months: Clive Burr, Steve Harris, Dennis Stratton, Paul Di’Anno and Dave Murray.

Did you know it was on this day in metal December 25th 1975 that Iron Maiden was formed by bassist Steve Harris in Leyton, East London.

The Cart and Horses Pub, located in Maryland Point, Stratford, was where Iron Maiden played some of their first shows in 1976. The building was officially named “The Birthplace of Iron Maiden”.

One of the best heavy metal bands ever, Maiden has sold over 130 million albums, despite minimal radio and mainstream media support.

The band have released 41 albums, including 17 studio albums and 13 live albums.

They have also released 47 singles and 20 video albums. Two electronic games have been released with Iron Maiden soundtracks, and the band’s music is featured in a number of other video games.

What can be said about this amazing band that has made Heavy Metal fans happy for so many years. Will they ever retire? According to Bruce the answer is NEVER!!!

We are just happy to have Iron Maiden in our lives and cherish the time until it’s no more.

Until then…… UP THE IRONS!!!!

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