"Falling Higher-The Story of Ampage"- Narrated by Jake Busey

"Falling Higher-The Story of Ampage"- Narrated by Jake Busey

FALLING HIGHER: THE STORY OF AMPAGE is now available to rent and own in North American global digital HD internet and satellite platforms, through Freestyle Digital Media. 

FALLING HIGHER: THE STORY OF AMPAGE follows the story about the hard rock band AMPAGE, featuring singer/songwriter Mark Mason. Spanning four decades from the 1980s Sunset Strip to the 1990s stadium tours opening for the likes of Def Leppard, Eric Clapton, and Billy Idol. Starting as a garage band in 1978, Ampage evolved into a headliner on the Sunset Strip during the glam metal era of the 1980s. However, Ampage soon fell into obscurity when various vices inevitably took hold. Drug-addled and homeless, Mark Mason eventually became acquainted with legendary twelve-step guru Bob Timmins. 

From there, Mason’s life took on a new meaning, leading to signing a major record deal and touring across the country to completing an Iron Man World Championship triathlon and coaching a high school triathlon team. Actor Jake Busey visits Mark Mason’s studio and narrates this inspiring tale of music, life, and redemption, and Ampage’s original music, spanning forty-years, is the underscore and the soundtrack of the entire film.

FALLING HIGHER: THE STORY OF AMPAGE was directed by Colin J. Felger and was produced by Colin J. Felger, Mark Mason, and ForceField Studios. Narrated by actor Jake Busey, FALLING HIGHER: THE STORY OF AMPAGE features interviews and appearances by Mark Mason, Jake Busey, Jeff Conaway, Mike Phenicie, Bill Stokem, Mark Pearce, Jason Fish, Susan Herndon, Happenin’ Harry, Pamela Mason, Duane Baron, Rita Marie Hooper, Mark London, Punky Peru, Loren Molinare, Frank Scimeca. New Soundtrack! “Falling Higher” released on Sony/The Orchard features all the AMPAGE hits spanning over their 40 year career with famous producers like Mitch Mitchell ( Jimi Hendrix), Duane Baron (Ozzy, Poison) and featuring Earl Slick on guitar. (Bowie).


(Soundtrack link – The Orchard) 

https://promo.theorchard.com/mWzAekroM9GYXRT2DEqu FALLING HIGHER: THE STORY OF AMPAGE website: https://www.forcefieldstudios.com/

FALLING HIGHER: THE STORY OF AMPAGE trailer: https://youtu.be/W0CshjxCx0U

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