Interview with Andrew of My Dying Bride: New Album 'A Mortal Binding' Review and Cancelling All of My Dying Bride's Tour Dates

Interview with Andrew of My Dying Bride: New Album 'A Mortal Binding' Review and Cancelling All of My Dying Bride's Tour Dates

Lindsay C of This Day In Metal had the amazing opportunity to chat with My Dying Bride's co-founder and original guitarist Andrew Craighan. They talk about the new album A Mortal Binding, his top 5 most essential metal albums and the controversy surrounding all of their cancelled 2024 tour dates. Check out the interview at the end of the article.

Well in to their fourth decade, Doom/Gothic/Death Doom Metal pioneers My Dying Bride are ready to unveil their 15th studio album A Mortal Binding from the dark crypts of their mournful world. With a revamped line-up featuring now permanent guitarist Neil Blanchett and the return of drummer Dan Mullins, the band are primed and ready to reign supreme with melancholic despair.

Vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe says of the album:

"This album was much easier than The Ghost of Orion. We were coming out of cancer with my daughter. That, naturally, was always playing on my mind throughout the recording. When the album was released, the world went into lockdown. Everything went dark. We didn’t know what to do next. Of course, we released the Macabre Cabaret EP, which was recorded at the same time as The Ghost of Orion, to keep interest up. We could finally gig a bit when the world opened up again. Only then could we begin, in earnest, the songwriting for A Mortal Binding.”

'Her Dominion' kicks things off with an incredibly heavy riff and a tone of everlasting darkness. A brooding, haunting track teeming with marching, chugging energy and weaving violins. Stainthorpe's vocal style takes the form of a rasping, death growl here which emphasises the sheer muscular yet morose force of the track. 'Thornwyck Hymn' continues with that weighty, muscular riffage and energy with flowing violins, thunderous drums and Stainthorpe's vocals taking a velvety turn. It paints a dark and sinister image of guilt, sin, remorse and acceptance on one's own fate, with Stainthorpe stating:

"Set upon the rugged coast of Yorkshire, Thornwyck village has spent an eternity being haunted by the chill waters that wash it’s shore – and the hidden folk who dwell in the salty depths. Woe betide anyone who fares into the briny sea, or even steels to close to it’s edge for they may never set foot back on mother earth."

'The 2nd of Three Bells' is classic My Dying Bride in all its glory. A swaying anvil crushing the listener with colossal gloom and sorrowfullness. The choir chants and instrumentation combined with Stainthorpe's mournful voice cascade in to a sudden pitch change with death metal growls and chugging riffs until it switches in to the dark and decadent funeral march once more. 'Unthroned Creed' is bleak, yet commanding; ethereal keyboards, heavy basslines, soaring riffs and haunting vocals combined with gothic spoken word elements and delicate keyboards.

'The Apocalyptist' showcases the band's musical prowess at a staggering 11 minutes long. This soundscape of an opus lulls you in with a siren call before obliterating you with death metal growls and deafening force. The mournful melodies and sorrowful agony is still very much present throughout but it is certainly the record's heaviest and rawest offering. An acoustic opening and echoing keyboards bring 'A Starving Heart' in to the fold. Emotionally charged and full of a despairing beauty of which only My Dying Bride can achieve. The album concludes with 'Crushed Embers,' bringing it full circle with solemn, gothic angst and gorgeously melodic lamentation.

A Mortal Binding has a commanding presence whilst exuding elegant despair and dark, ominous heaviness. My Dying Bride are one of the pioneers of the Doom Metal scene for a reason. Spending years perfectly honing and nurturing their distinct sound to provide one of the best albums of their career so far.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: April 19th 2024
Released By: Nuclear Blast
FFO: Paradise Lost, Anathema, Katatonia, Woods of Ypres, Saturnus, Novembers Doom


01 - Her Dominion
02 - Thornwyck Hymn
03 - The 2nd of Three Bells
04 - Unthroned Creed
05 - The Apocalyptist
06 - A Starving Heart
07 - Crushed Embers

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