INTERVIEW: M. Von Bewitcher of Bewitcher

INTERVIEW: M. Von Bewitcher of Bewitcher

Bewitcher has been wreaking havoc and blaring their version of heavy metal for over ten years. Touring across the nation with the likes of Incantation, Goatwhore, Exhumed and countless other heavy acts. The band recently celebrated it's ten year anniversary with the release of their new compilation album, Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves. Featuring unreleased tracks and early demos of some of the band's heaviest and fastest tracks, the record is a non-stop intense record, channeling the origins of classic heavy metal, adding their own blackened edge to the genre with their sound.

I sat down with M. Von Bewitcher of Bewitcher and asked him about the band's legacy, the struggles many bands faced due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, their inspiration and influence, along with some bands they think you NEED to check out.

TDIM: With the band in it's 10th year, what have you done to keep the band going musically? What inspires your sound?

Von Bewitcher: Inspiration these days is as much internal as it is external. Instead of looking to other bands or scenes, it’s more about asking “what haven’t we done yet?”, or “what is left to accomplish?”. I feel like our sound is pretty well established at this point, so it’s more about figuring out what we can do to enhance or at least maintain what has already been done.

TDIM: Who thought of the idea of releasing your new compilation album, Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves, of demos and unreleased material?

Von Bewitcher: It’s a project we’ve had on the back burner for years, but with the 10 year anniversary of the band, it seemed like the right time to do it.

TDIM: A lot of band's struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, how did the band survive through it and how did you stay musically inspired during quarantine?

Von Bewitcher: It was a tough period for everybody, but in the long run it gave us more time to work on the Cursed Be Thy Kingdom record. We had a lot of touring scheduled in 2020 before everything shut down. I’m not sure how we thought we were going to do everything haha. Luckily, we didn’t have to!

TDIM: Bewitcher is a beautiful marriage of speed metal, black metal, and classic heavy metal. Are there any bands that fuel the band's sound?

Von Bewitcher: Just ourselves nowadays. But in the beginning it was all about Bathory, Venom, Motörhead, Celtic Frost, the NWOBHM and stuff like that. The influences have never changed.

TDIM: The Pacific Northwest is such a hotbed for dark sounding music, from acts like Uada, Wolves in The Throne Room and Sunn O))). What makes this area such an inspiration for metal?

Von Bewitcher: I suppose the combination of epic geography and dreary weather provides inspiration for a lot of bands. In that regard, it’s not too far removed from Scandinavia, the UK or other extreme metal strongholds of the past. Plus, we have lots of drugs here too. That always helps.

TDIM: What has been your favorite bands to tour with? Do you have any bands you'd love to tour with?

Von Bewitcher: Honestly, we’ve had good times with every band we’ve toured with. I’m open to whatever comes down the line.

TDIM: Out of the band's entire career, what’s the best advice you have gotten? Or advice you would give up and coming bands?

Von Bewitcher: Nobody gives advice and nobody should, because nobody listens to it anyway!

TDIM: Are you guys currently working on any new music since your last studio album Cursed Be Thy Kingdom?

Von Bewitcher: We are currently finishing up demos and rehearsing for the next record as we speak.

TDIM: What bands/albums have you guys been listening to that your fans should check out?

Von Bewitcher: Go listen to the latest records from Savage Master (Those Who Hunt at Night album), Blood Star (First Sighting album), Persekutor (Snow Business album) and Intranced (Rogue Warrior E.P.). DO IT NOW!!

I want to thank M. Von Bewitcher from Bewitcher for taking the time to answer our questions. If you want to read my album review of their awesome new compilation album Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves, you can check it out at the link below.

ALBUM REVIEW: Bewitcher - Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves
*Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves will be released November 17th, 2023 on Century Media Records* Portland, Oregon’s Bewitcher have been terrorizing the black and speed metal landscape for over 10 years now. With strong releases like 2021’s Cursed Be Thy Kingdom, the band has been delivering their blacken…

If  you want to find out more about the band, buy their merch or check for future tour dates, check out the band's website at

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