A Pact Unholy: An Interview with Rob Wharton of Cognitive

A Pact Unholy: An Interview with Rob Wharton of Cognitive
Photo Credit: Kurtis Fowles

Technical death metal act Cognitive have been delivering their unholy hybrid of punishingly brutal death metal, combined with progressive and complex technicality for years. With the band about to release a brand new album Abhorrence on May 17th, the band took their progressive inspiration from their previous album Malevolent Thoughts of A Hastened Extinction, and pushed it even further with the band's sound on their new album. Mixing brutal and unholy death metal, with atmospheric and diversity in its music and vocalist Shane Jost's impressive vocal range. A truly powerful record and showing the band is further evolving and become a heavier band in more than just brutality.

I sat down with Rob and talked about the band's upcoming fifth album Abhorrence, along with the band's writing process for the new album. We talk about the band's history, the concept behind their second album Deformity, and the evolution of their sound. We also talk about the band's brand new limited-run beer Red White and Brewtal. And talk about some music you should check out, both metal and some non-metal stuff.

I want to thank Rob for taking the time to talk with us about the new album and Cognitive. The band's new album comes out May 17th on Metal Blade Records. The band is currently on a European tour as support for slam death metal partiers Party Cannon through May. After their July headlining tour with Dysentery and Atræ Bilis, the band will embark on a Canadian tour in September with Benighted. If you want to check out the new album, get tickets to their tour or buy some merch, you can head to the band's page on Metal Blade Records' website HERE .

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