A Full Circle of Incandescence: An Interview with Dawn of Ouroboros

A Full Circle of Incandescence: An Interview with Dawn of Ouroboros

With a sound, mixing the beauty and atmosphere of shoegaze and post-rock, all the while mixing the visceral and ear shattering screams and heaviness of black & death metal, California's blackened progressive metal act Dawn of Ouroboros shot to the top of many best of 2023 lists with their second album Velvet Incandescence. The band is a hybrid of tons of musical genres that were showcased in the band's 2023 album. They are already in the studio working on a follow up to Velvet Incandescence, and as someone who discovered the band last year and was blown away with Velvet Incandescence and earned a 10/10 in my review as well as appearing on my best of 2023 list myself, I'm dying to hear where the band goes from there on their follow up.

I sat down with guitarist Tony Thomas and vocalist Chelsea Murphy of the band. We talk about the band's formation and origin of the band name, their side projects outside of Dawn of Ouroboros, the band's evolving sound from the debut to now, and a status update of their upcoming third record.

I want to thank both Tony and Chelsea for giving This Day in Metal the time to talk with us. If you would like to check out the band for updates on the new album and tour dates, check out https://sites.google.com/view/dawnofouroboros/ , where you can also find the band's social media links as well.

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