Lindsay C Interviews Jon Donais of Anthrax for This Day In Metal.

Lindsay C Interviews Jon Donais of Anthrax for This Day In Metal.

Jon tells of his most memorable touring moments, how he got the lead guitarist gig for Anthrax, the future of Shadows Fall, his new project “Living Wreckage” and his dream band line-up.

Jon joined Anthrax initially for a 2 week tour slot in 2013 to fill in for Rob Caggiano however after constant touring demands, he was asked to join the band on a permanent basis 6 months later. Having already had a successful 20 year career with Shadows Fall previously, this came as a dream come true and “I’m crazy if I don’t do this because I love Anthrax, I grew up on Anthrax. I’ll never have this opportunity again.”

Watch the full video interview below

You can follow Jon on Instagram @jonathanmdonais

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