New Release Radar - July 5th Releases

New Release Radar - July 5th Releases

Check out our records of the week from Friday's new releases.

  1. Nyktophobia - To The Stars
    Genre - Melodic Death Metal
    FFO - (Early) In Flames, Insomnium, Duskmourn

Old school melodic death metal from Germany with heavy influences from the Scandinavian scene of the 90s. This record possesses huge, swelling melodies, intense twin guitar harmonies and solos, thunderous blast-beats and rhythmical drumming and a great balanced mix of harsh screams and gutteral growls that really command your attention. The tracks are intricate and rich however they flow with expert precision. This record is a very guitar driven record however the subtle keyboard presence and orchestration adds that extra dynamic layer of atmosphere. A cinematic experience boasting an air of grandiose opulence which stays true to that core Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal sound.

Rating: 9/10

2.   Cryptic Hatred - Internal Torment
   Genre - Death Metal
   FFO - Frozen Soul, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation

Old school death metal with a really evil sounding, sinister twist. A battering ram of pure ferocity which pummels you in to submission. Furious riffage, rampaging drums, ridiculously catchy hooks, chunky basslines and demonic gutterals emanating straight from the depths of hell itself. The energy behind this record is unrelenting and grabs your attention in a vice-like grip. The tracks alternate between lightning speed and anvil-swinging mid-tempo colossal stomps. The twist to this however is the use of eerie sounding synths and keys which compliments the truly ominous nature of this record.

Rating: 8/10

3.  Visions of Atlantis - Pirates II: Armada
  Genre - Melodic/Symphonic/Power Metal
  FFO - Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation

A stylistic record full of swelling orchestration, dramatic flair and huge, addictive choruses and melodies. A straight up, theatrical symphonic metal record telling tales of adventure whilst traversing the seven seas. The synths and orchestration have a dense presence throughout along with the guitars, bass and drums. Vocal styles alternate between clean male and female harmonies with the addition of female operatic style melodies. The guitar solos soar and really capture the magic and wonder of the record. If vast story-telling and elaborately opulent power/pirate metal is your thing, this record won't disappoint.

Rating: 7/10

4. Akhlys - House of the Black Germinus
Genre - Dark/Black Metal
FFO - Nightbringer, Blut aus Nord, Aoratos

Huge, furious riffs, pummeling blast beats and dissonant black metal screams and rasps pierce right through you with Akhlys' latest offering. Haunting synths and keys are prevalent throughout which really creates this imposing atmosphere of pure evil and foreboding. This record goes ridiculously hard and incorporates everything you would expect and need from Black Metal with the added touch of dynamic layering and colossal darkness. Monumental and foreboding in nature; this record goes straight for the jugular and drags you down to the pit never to be seen again.

Rating: 8/10

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