Despite The Reverence Now Streaming Intense Fifth Album “Stress Of Evolution”

Despite The Reverence Now Streaming Intense Fifth Album “Stress Of Evolution”

Despite The Reverence, a staple in the Canadian music scene for the last decade now has a brand new album “Stress Of Evolution” out now as of April 14th. It’s a twelve-track, neck-breaking monster of an album that builds on all of their previous work and cumulates into a release that is accessible, yet devastating. It’s dynamic, mature, and has something for everyone. The band shares their excitement:

“This album features songs that range from epic technical arrangements to straight-up rock songs. The album starts out heavy and intense. There is a classical acoustic piece in the middle, followed by a heavy metal ballad and a surfer rock-style song before the songs rise again to a heavy crescendo. The 12th song almost stands alone as a heavy metal disco anthem. The lyrics follow the theme of technology being infused into society and directly into humans making us dependent on them and creating less of a need for human interference.”

The band continues to say that they are very excited about this new album as they continue to evolve as a band and as songwriters. This album combines all of the best elements of Despite The Reverence that have been sharpened over the last 4 albums prior. All songs on the album were performed and written by Despite The Reverence; it was produced and mixed by Chris Douglas at The Sound Castle and the mastering was handled by Trevor Case at Case Mastering.

As with most bands, there is a wide variety of musical influences woven throughout Despite The Reverence’s music, including those from a variety of thrash, hard rock, prog and heavy metal.

“Stress Of Evolution” is available at the following links –, Spotify​

Track Listing:
1. Cyborg – 5:41
2. Khali Yuga – 4:33
3. Surprise Kill Vanish – 4:42
4. Primate Centurion – 6:11
5. Killing Plebs – 3:54
6. Fears Of Our Fathers – 1:45
7. Stress Of Evolution – 5:02
8. Human Obsolete – 4:24
9. Thinning The Herd – 3:56
10. War Machine – 4:55
11. At My Door Knocks Death – 5:43
12. Disco Death Tech – 4:01
Album Length: 54:53

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