Phil Demmel Leaves Vio-Lence Following Kerry King Announcement

Phil Demmel Leaves Vio-Lence Following Kerry King Announcement

Thrash metal demon Phil Demmel has recently confirmed that he has decided to leave the Vio-Lence line-up in the wake of the recent Kerry King announcement in a social media post.

In his statement  he advised that this decision to quit Vio-Lence isn't a direct result of his role in Kerry King's new band.

“I am announcing that this Sunday will be my last show for Vio-lence. The timing is weird, I know. It doesn’t really coincide with the Kerry [King] thing. It’s not ‘oh, that got announced so now I’m quitting this, stopping this, retiring, or whatever.’ It’s been, I guess, in the works for a bit.
My status in the band was undefined for a while and [the band was] kind of doing things that I felt uncomfortable or fell in to my schedule or whatever. But given just the latest state of the band and where I feel I belong with it or feel tied to it, I just think my time is at an end.”

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