Out Now! Power Metallers HIGHLORD's Ninth Studio Album "Freakin' Out of Hell" + New Video "Soul Sucker"

Out Now! Italian Power metallers Highlord release their new album “Freakin’ Out of Hell” via Rockshots Records.

Digital – https://bfan.link/freakin-out-of-hell
CD – https://bit.ly/Highlord_CD

For the album’s release day, the band is sharing their latest music video for the track “Soul Sucker”, the first song on the record. It welcomes the listener with a riff that is a punch in the face. It’s fast and raw, then it develops in a very catchy chorus, with a surprising breakdown before going into the next track. It also features some of the most aggressive vocal performances from Andrea Marchisio ever delivered. The guitar solo section slows down, with a dreamy fugue, before it gets fast and aggressive again until its conclusion. The lyrics deal with people that can almost drain us of our blood and souls, we’ve all met at least one in our lives.


Infusing heavy-power metal with progressive and symphonic influences was formed in Turin Italy in 1997, over the span of their career they have released eight albums, contributed to two tribute albums for Manowar and Helloween, have toured all over Europe and performed with Zak Steven’s Circle II Circle, Dark Moor, Freedom Call, Pino Scotto, Vision Divine, Elvenking, Sacred Steel, Seventh Wonder and more along with music featured on movie soundtracks for ‘The Werewolf Chronicles’ and ‘Blood Of The Werewolf’.

For their ninth album “Freakin’ Out Of Hell”, the band began recording it between May 2020 and December 2021. The album includes 11 tracks of pure power-metal in perfect Highlord style, but with a much more aggressive sound and a touch of prog-metal. Again the album has been recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced in-house by bass player Massimiliano Flak at Evolution Recording Studio (Italy). The album’s artwork was created by Harley Velasquez on a concept by Highlord.

The band adds about the ninth offering:

“Our debut; it’s been a joy to work with everyone to make these songs the best that they can be. The overarching theme is the onset, the snowballing, and the eventual climax of all of the negative thoughts leading to death. On Freakin’ out of Hell we have also set the average level of heaviness and aggression a bit higher; this is not a happy metal record, it’s a heavy metal piece that fully deserves this definition.”

Track Listing:
01. Prelude To Hell – 1:20
02. Soul Sucker – 5:16
03. Freakin’ Out Of Hell – 5:19
04. Sweet Unknown – 5:15
05. Off The Beaten Path – 4:18
06. Hollow Space – 5:12
07. If You Say Yes – 5:27
08. Eyes Open Wide – 5:36
09. The Devil’s Doorbell – 4:15
10. Fallen From Grace – 4:44
11. One Eyed Jack – 4:18
Album Length: 51:05

For more info:

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