Rockshots Records - Out Now! Australia's NOTHING SACRED EP "Leviathan"

Out now! Australia’s Nothing Sacred unleash their new EP “Leviathan” via Rockshots Records to follow their first album in 30 years entitled “No Gods” released in 2021.

“The 2021 album “No Gods” was well received so we were keen to get back into the studio and follow up as quickly as possible. The new release is another mix of new tracks and older tracks that builds on what we did with “No Gods”. We think it takes things a step forward – Sacred fans will find plenty to enjoy.” adds the band.

Fans of Nothing Sacred will notice on the band’s forthcoming EP “Leviathan” that there has been a lineup change that now sees the return of Chris Stark taking the reins as lead vocalist, replacing James Davies. Stark had previously sung with the band for a number of years and has now returned in time to lay down the vocal tracks for their next monster.

The EP “Leviathan” has plenty of riffs, killer solos, and big melodies from vocalist Chris Stark. The EP also includes the song “Sudden Death”, a thrashy unreleased track that was a mainstay during the band’s live gigs in the mid-’80s plus re-recordings of a few tracks from the band’s first album “Let Us Prey” and two new songs. All the new songs were written in group sessions with everyone jamming, throwing around riffs and arrangements into the mix. Overall, the EP is a blend of old and new, and something they could get done without a follow-up taking too long.

Album order –

Digital –

Track Listing:
1. Leviathan – 3:27
2. Drone – 4:35
3. Guardian – 3:40
4. SirMegma – 3:02
5. Sudden Death – 2:29
6. DroneTrance – 4:33
EP Length: 21:49

Nothing Sacred is:
Stu Bedford – Guitar
Chris Stark – Vocals
Karl Lean – Bass
Sham – Drums
George Larin – Guitar

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