SINNERY Unleashes Their Thrash Madness “Below the Summit” On All Platforms! (Digital/CD/Vinyl)

Forced to take down their new EP "Below The Summit" as war broke out, Israel’s Sinnery has re-uploaded it on all digital platforms plus Vinyl /CD.

SINNERY Unleashes Their Thrash Madness “Below the Summit” On All Platforms! (Digital/CD/Vinyl)

Unleashing their thrash madness this past September on Exitus Stratagem Records with their latest EP "Below The Summit", Israel’s Sinnery was forced to take down the music as war broke out. Ready to re-upload their latest headbangers, the band announces that thrash fans can rejoice as the music is now back on all digital platforms as of January 16th, 2024 along with it being available on CD and Vinyl.

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​The EP picks up where Sinnery's 2022 album “Black Bile” left off, continuing their self-actualization journey through searing guitar work, pummeling basslines, and vocals that cut through like a razor. “Below the Summit” is a very fast-paced piece of music where a lot is happening all at once. It’s a journey further into the minds of Sinnery, the music and lyrics are a barrage of exactly what they feel in the most authentic and exaggerated way pummeling the listener with a wall of intensity. It is a very human experience that has been etched into this recording, detailing the strange times we are currently living through. The band comments:

"This record marks another important milestone in our lives and careers as we continue to explore further and expand the horizons of what Sinnery’s music can be. We put a lot of thought and effort into Below The Summit to try and get everything we can into it. We sat for hours producing it and sharpening every riff or word in it to make it an experience like we never did before. BTS is a moment in time when we didn’t know exactly how things will turn out for us, we were isolated in our homes when we began writing this, sharing ideas from afar. It was a special experience for us to write this record like this and we feel like we really put that into it."

On this EP, Sinnery introduces new drummer Liam Fine who has written and recorded on the EP all while learning the band’s older material. In just four months Liam learned 19 songs and wrote four more. Doing so much all at once is probably the most “Sinnery” thing that could have happened to anyone joining in.

“Below the Summit” was mixed and mastered by Arie Aranovich and the album artwork was done by Xul1349 and inspired by a famous Japanese painting called “Thunderstorm Beneath The Summit” by legendary artist Katsushika Hokusai. The EP is recommended for fans of Sylosis, Metallica, and Power Trip.

Track Listing:
1. Somber - 3:27
2. An Ode (Knife Of Erato) - 5:16
3. We Just Want You To - 0:21
4. Share This - 2:19
5. Serene - 5:13
EP Length: 16:38

​​EP Band Lineup:
Alon Karnieli - Vocals & Guitars
Idan Kringel - Guitars
Saar Tuvi - Bass
Liam Fine - Drums

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