SQUIDHAMMER Unleashes Thrashy New Single “Drowning In Flames” Off Upcoming Album “Hail The Squid”

L-R: Jake Schultz (Guitar), Eric “Skeebo” Kjelland (Drums), Ericka Schultz-Niemann (Vocals), Joe Dunn (Bass)
Photo Credit: Ericka Schultz-Niemann

Squidhammer proudly calls Watertown, Wisconsin home. The band carved out its place in the Midwest metal scene in 2018 with their debut album, “Power Removal Service’”. Since then, they have released a handful of singles and more to come for their “Hail The Squid” project. A little bit unorthodox, they plan to release it single by single to the digital world, with a music video to accompany each release. The end product will be a physical LP containing all of the releases. The upcoming single “Drowning In Flames” featuring Kyle Fawley of Digital Remains is a mental roller coaster. A twisted riddle full of metaphors. Guitarist Jake Schultz explains further:

““Drowning In Flames” is the outside voice we all wish we could hear over our own noise. It’s everything you hope you’re not. It’s the shackles you watched your own possessed hands put around your very ankles. It’s the only way out. It’s a long trip, musically speaking. A labyrinth. Hooks left and grooves right. A push/pull of thrash, chugs, and sway. It’s a bit of an arpeggio of a song structure, with an exit hidden in the middle. Will you burn your way out, or will you wind up right back where you started?”

“Hail The Squid”, the band’s second studio project is currently being rolled out to the world via a series of single releases. Squidhammer is extremely excited to announce that the open-ended and ongoing collection is a Wisconsin collaborative effort. So far, under this series title, 12 planned tracks will feature 20+ vocalists from Wisconsin’s top metal bands. This project is meant to help show everyone just what Wisconsin has to offer to the U.S. metal scene, as Squidhammer continues to tour the country. Squidhammer aims to attract more national and international acts to the great Wisconsin metal scene, benefiting everyone involved!”

Squidhammer is recommended for fans of Pantera, Lamb Of God, and Arch Enemy.

Listen to “Drowning In Flames” ft. Kyle Fawley of Digital Remains via its music video below.

Digital pre-save – https://show.co/CGOLQNa

Squidhammer is:
Ericka Schultz – Vocals
Jake Schultz – Guitars
Eric “Skeebo” Kjelland – Drums
Joe Dunn – Bass

For more info: Withkoji.com/@Squidhammer |Squidhedz.com | Facebook.com/squidhammermetal | Twitter.com/getchasquidon | Youtube.com/@squidhammermetal9966 | Instagram.com/squidhammermetal

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