Surface Of The Sun Reveals Music Video For Empowering, Progressive And Catchy Single “Dragon”

Canada’s Surface of the Sun is a solo project by Devon Eggers, with almost 100% of all things being created and done by him. Each of his recordings (1 full-length and 2 EPs) have been a massive undertaking, making Surface of the Sun one of the most “independent” and “solo” projects anyone will encounter. His latest release is a two-track EP entitled “Dragon”, featuring the title track and song “Vanguard”, which were written purposely to contrast. He explains the title track, which is available now in video form:

“I’m trying to give fans a taste of what Surface of the Sun is from both ends of the spectrum. Dragon being from something catchier, and Vanguard from something deeper and more progressive. Dragon was written to be on the fringe of what I would normally classify as a Surface of the Sun song. I had the radio in mind when I wrote this and tried to keep the song within boundaries that one typically needs for airplay, but still make sure it has the Surface of the Sun feel.”

“Dragon” is a catchy, yet heavy track, that is driven by a kick drum like a dance song would be. It even has, after the bridge, an EDM-like “drop” into the final chorus. It blends a dance-like feel into a prog-rock track. Thematically, it represents inner strength and was inspired after Eggers watched an episode of Game of Thrones. He’d been searching for something to represent that strength having already known how he wanted the lyrics to connect to the previous single, “Oblivion” (which peaked at #26 on Canadian Top 40 Radio Charts – Jan 2020) off the 2019 EP “Panacea”, Eggers hopes that with his music he can give listeners a musical soundscape that is both catchy, but is also something they can get lost in. The type of music one can close their eyes to, shut off all the lights, and just be carried away by the sounds and melodies.

Surface Of The Sun is recommended for fans of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Chevelle.

Watch the music video for “Dragon” below.

EP “Dragon” was released on Aug 17, 2020, and is available at

Track Listing:
1. Dragon (3:47)
2. Vanguard (6:19)
EP Length: 10:06

EP Credits:
Music: All music and lyrics written and performed by Devon Eggers, except the drums, which were performed by Chris Warunki.
Produced, recorded, edited, and mixed by Devon Eggers at Surface of the Sun Studios.
Mastered by Andrew Downton at Railtown Mastering.
EP Artwork: By Vohrart
Member of SOCAN
Content is Canadian Music (MAPL)

For more info: | |

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