The time Metallica got robbed of a Grammy

The time Metallica got robbed of a Grammy

February 22nd 1989

So this has to go down as one of the most shocking stories in Metal history.

Yes that’s right… On this day in 1989 at the Grammy awards in Los Angeles everyone expected (Probably including Metallica) for them to win their first Grammy.

But as history goes everyone in attendance and watching was shocked as the award went to Jethro Tull.

The award was in the hard rock/metal Recording category and these artists were up for the award.

Metallica (One) was up against AC/DC (Blow Up Your Video), Iggy Pop (“Cold Metal”), Jane’s Addiction (Nothing’s Shocking) and, oddly enough, ‘70s progressive rock icons Jethro Tull, for their album Crest of a Knave.

Did you see the shock on Alice Cooper’s and Lita Ford’s faces as they announced the award?

Alice Cooper ….We went to the Shrine Auditorium for rehearsals that day, and that involved opening an envelope with a dummy card inside, which has a name on it. But it’s never the name of the real winner, it just gives you something to read out. I think, during rehearsal, the name on that card was Jethro Tull, so I read it out.

Later that night we’re doing the real thing, and we come to this brand new category, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. I knew that [Tull’s album] Crest Of A Knave had been nominated, but everybody in that room was certain that Metallica would get the Grammy.

Lita Ford…. If you watch the video, you’ll see my eyes get real big when Alice says: “Jethro Tull”. I was trying not to show any emotion, but it was like, “What?!” It was a shock to everybody when Alice read out Jethro Tull’s name. Metallica were standing right there, all ready to go on, and they were sure in their heads that they’d got it.

The rumour was that Metallica had printed thousand of T-shirts with the phrase “Metallic -Grammy winners.”

And the rest is this day in metal history!

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