This Day in Metal August 3rd

This Day in Metal August 3rd

Aug 3rd 1979 AC/DC released the GREAT album “Highway To Hell”

Dis you know
The album reached number 17 on the Billboard Charts.
It was sadly their last album with Bon Scott.

Aug 3rd 1987 Def Leppard released the GREAT album “Hysteria”

Did you know
The album reached number 1 on the Billboard Chart and has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

Aug 3rd 1993 Voivod released the album “The Outer Limits”

Did you know
The album features a cover of “The Nile Song”, originally by the British progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

Aug 3rd 1963 James Hetfield singer with Metallica was born!!

Did you know
He was ranked number 24 by Hit Parader on their list of the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time.


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