This Day in Metal July 13th

This Day in Metal July 13th

July 13th 1984 Grim Reaper released their debut album “See You In Hell”

Did you know
The album reached number 73 on the Billboard Charts

July 13th 1984 Dark Age released the EP “Dark Age”

Did you know..
They recorded a demo for Roadrunner Records, who planned to finance their second release. This ended up being their final recording, which was never released to the public.

July 13th 1986 Digger released their debut album “Stronger Than Ever”

Did you know
After three albums, Grave Digger decided to change their name to Digger & commercialized their sound.

July 13th 1990 Vio-lence released the album “Oppressing the Masses”

Did you know
The album featured future Machine Head members Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel on guitars.

July 13th 2004 Dream Evil released the album “The Book Of Heavy Metal”

Did you know….
This is the last album to feature Gus G. and Snowy Shaw.

July 13th 2004 Dokken released the album “Hell To Pay”

Did you know..
It was their first studio album to feature lead guitarist Jon Levin.

July 13th 2010 HELLYEAH released the album “Stampede”

Did you know
The album debuted at number 8 on the Billboard Charts
It was their first album to feature bassist Bob Zilla.


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