This Day in Metal June 8th

This Day in Metal June 8th

June 8th 1983 Virgin Steele released the album “Guardians of the Flame”

Did you know… The band signed with MUSIC FOR NATIONS in 1982, They were their very first release. They were later joined on this label by METALLICA, WASP, MANOWAR and MERCYFUL FATE.

June 8th 1986 Blade Runner released the album “Warriors of Rock”

Did you know
Originally formed as White Tiger, but changed their name and scored a record deal with Ebony Records.

June 8th 1991 Nausea released their debut album “Crime Against Humanity”

Did you know
Born from the ashes of Majesty, they are not a side project of Terrorizer (as many incorrectly think).

June 8th 1992 Fleshcrawl released their debut album “Descend Into The Absurd”

Did you know
It was the only Fleshcrawl album which guitarist Giro Schmidt played on.

June 8th 1992 Faith No More released the album “Angel Dust”

Did you know
It’s Faith No More’s best-selling album to date, having sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide.

June 8th 1992 Seance released their debut album “Fornever Laid to Rest”

Did you know
The song “Who Will Not Be Dead” is featured on the ’92 Touch of Death compilation from Black Mark Productions.

June 8th 1999 Def Leppard released the album “Euphoria”

Did you know
1996 Formula One racing champion Damon Hill, a neighbour of Rick Savage, would contribute a guitar solo to the track “Demolition Man”.

June 8th 1999 Ministry released the album “Dark Side of the Spoon”

Did you know..
The song “Bad Blood” was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2000.

June 8th 1999 Testament released the album “The Gathering”

Did you know
This was their first album featuring new musicians Steve DiGiorgio on bass guitar and Dave Lombardo on drums.

June 8th 1999 Biohazard released the album “New World Disorder”

Did you know..
The album reached number 187 on the Billboard Charts.

June 8th 2004 Velvet Revolver released their debut album “Contraband”

Did you know..
In 2005, Contraband was ranked number 317 in Rock Hard magazine’s book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.

June 8th 2010 Whitechapel released the album “A New Era Of Corruption”

Did you know…. This is the last Whitechapel album to feature drummer Kevin Lane.

June 8th 2010 Nevermore released the album “The Obsidian Conspiracy”

Did you know..
The Obsidian Conspiracy was the band’s first album to chart in Austria, the United Kingdom and the United States Billboard 200

June 8th 2012 Candlemass released the album “Psalms for the Dead”

Did you know
It’s the last Candlemass album recorded with singer Robert Lowe, who left the band just six days before its release.

June 8th 1953 Mark Tornillo singer with Accept was born!!!

Did you know… Before he joined Accept, Tornillo was in the group T.T. Quick.
June 8th 1966 Jens Kidman singer with Meshuggah was born!!


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