This Day in Metal October 2nd

Oct 2nd 1982 Accept released the album “Restless and Wild”

Oct 2nd 1995 Iron Maiden released the album “The X Factor”

Oct 2nd 1996 Arch Enemy released their debut album “Black Earth”

Oct 2nd 1998 Witchery released their debut album “Restless & Dead”

Oct 2nd 2001 Chimaira released their debut album “Pass Out Of Existence”

Oct 2nd 2007 Skeletonwitch released the album “Beyond The Permafrost”

Oct 2nd 2015 Trivium released the album “Silence In The Snow”

Oct 2nd 2015 Queensrÿche released the album “Condition Hüman”

Oct 2nd 2015 WASP released the album “Golgotha”

Oct 2nd 2020 Six Feet Under released the album “Nightmares of the Decomposed”

Yesterday, Today, Everyday Heavy Metal 🤘🏻

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