This Day in Metal October 3rd

Oct 3rd 1980 Diamond Head released their debut album “Lightning To The Nations”

Oct 3rd 1981 Budgie released the album “Nightflight”

Oct 3rd 1981 Picture released the album “Heavy Metal Ears”

Oct 3rd 1984 Warlord released their debut album “And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun…”

Oct 3rd 1986 Skanners released their debut album “Dirty Armada”

Oct 3rd 1987 Paradox released their debut album “Product of Imagination”

Oct 3rd 1989 Bonfire released the album “Point Blank”

Oct 3rd 1990 Blind Guardian released the album “Tales from the Twilight World”

Oct 3rd 1992 Bolt Thrower released the album “The IVth Crusade”

Oct 3rd 1998 Girlschool released the album “Take A Bite”

Oct 3rd 2000 Dying Fetus released the album “Destroy The Opposition”

Oct 3rd 2006 Quiet Riot released the album “Rehab”

Oct 3rd 2012 Obsession released the album “Order Of Chaos”


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