This Day in Metal October 5th

Oct 5th 1970 Led Zeppelin released the album “Led Zeppelin III”

Oct 5th 1979 Riot released the album “Narita”

Oct 5th 1982 Witchfinder General released their debut album “Death Penalty”

Oct 5th 1982 Heavy Load released the album “Death or Glory”

Oct 5th 1985 Sacred Few released their debut album “Beyond the Iron Walls”

Oct 5th 1987 Earthshaker released the album “Aftershock”

Oct 5th 1990 Deep Purple released the album “Slaves and Masters”

Oct 5th 1998 Stratovarius released the album “Destiny”

Oct 5th 1998 Rhapsody released the album “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands”

Oct 5th 2004 Fates Warning released the album “FWX”


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