This Day in Metal October 7th

Oct 7th 1984 Mad Max released the album “Rollin’ Thunder “

Oct 7th 1986 Slayer released the GREAT album “Reign In Blood”

Oct 7th 1986 Nuclear Assault released their debut album “Game Over”

Oct 7th 1987 Exodus released the album “Pleasures Of The Flesh”

Oct 7th 1993 Metal Church released the album “Hanging In The Balance”

Oct 7th 1996 My Dying Bride released the album “Like Gods Of The Sun”

Oct 7th 2003 Rage released the album “Soundchaser”

Oct 7th 2003 Static X released the album “Shadow Zone”

Oct 7th 2014 Orange Goblin released the album “Back from the Abyss”

Oct 7th 2014 Rigor Mortis released their final album “Slaves To The Grave”.

Oct 7th 2016 Meshuggah released the album “The Violent Sleep Of Reason”


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