ALBUM REVIEW: Napalm Death > Resentment Is Always Seismic - A Final Throw of Throes

ALBUM REVIEW: Napalm Death > Resentment Is Always Seismic - A Final Throw of Throes
Napalm Death

Release date: 11th February 2022 via Century Media Records

Record: 8 track mini-album / Run time: 29 mins 25 seconds

True to form, Napalm Death have expertly mixed their impressive catalogue of styles to produce a uniquely intense and very heavy sound. This record has a strong industrial grindcore sound, mixed with elements of thrash, punk and death metal.

The opening track Narcisuss hits you with some super heavy guitar distortion and cymbal action, before the vocal scream, heavy riffs and punk inspired drums kick in, setting the tone for the rest of the album.

Track 2 Resentment Always Simmers has a much slower, more industrial sound to it. With deep growling vocals, a super heavy bass tone and some very punchy drum techniques. The track ends with an unsettling combination of guitar screeching and haunting vocals, repeating the phrase “resentment always simmers”.

Track 3 By Proxy is a fast-paced, thrashy song with a mixture of high pitched distorted vocals and some lovely death metal-esque growls. The blast beats are strong and and the energy is high!

Track 4 People Pie is a surprising cover version of the 1988 single from industrial rock band Slab!. Napalm Death have put their unique twist on this song, by creating a heavier and more brutal sounding version.

Track 5 Man Bites Dogged attacks you with a brutal, heavy rhythm, some super crunchy riffs, gatling-gun kick drums and relentless blast beats. The song also features a groovy and slightly creepy breakdown section, as a contrast to the rest of the song. This track made me pull the Christian Bale ‘American Psycho’ face (you know the one…), which is why it is my favoruite track from this album.

Track 6 Slaver Through a Repeat Performance has a piercing snare tone and some strong death metal vocals. It starts off with an interesting time signature and some intense vocals screaming the world “loss”, which grabs your attention. A track full of relentlessly pounding drums, insane riffs and power chords for days.

Track 7 Don’t Need It is another cover version. This time it’s a single released in 1979, by the punk band Bad Brains. It’s a super fast-paced punk song but with a heavier, punchier and more distorted sound.

Track 8 Resentment is Always Seismic (Dark Sky Burial Dirge) is a continuation/remix of the 2nd track Resentment Always Simmers. It opens with some male choral chants and chilling whispering vocals, followed by some heavy and punchy drums and bass – this gives the song a very strong industrial sound, which is coherent with the rest of the album. The lyrics repeat the phrases “flaunt your resentment” and “wield your resentment” – this combined with the disturbing use of screams and synths, creates a closing track worthy of a horror film score.

For lovers of punk, grindcore, hardcore, industrial rock/metal and to some extent thrash metal and death metal too, this album will hit the spot. It shows just how eclectic and unique Napalm Death’s sound is and I look forward to seeing what gems they provide us with in the future. 7/10.

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