Album Review: The Arcane Order - Distortions From Cosmogony

Album Review: The Arcane Order - Distortions From Cosmogony

Telling the story of mankind's eternal existential conflict between autonomy and submission, Danish extreme metal band The Arcane Order have returned with a new lineup to provide their epically technical yet melodically grandiose fourth album Distortions From Cosmogony.

The record sets the tone with the haunting instrumental opening title track; somewhat unnerving yet technically soothing in nature before kicking off entirely with 'Cry of Olympus.' A literal explosion of blistering blast beats and frantic shredding supported by a foundation of ethereal melody and absolute symphonic grandiosity. The vocals (from Møl's Kim Song Sternkopf) are devastatingly demonic yet crisp, precise and full of fevered purpose. 'A Blinding Trust' carries on the technically melodic grandiosity with a flowing riffy guitar opener and more blistering blast beats. This track however slows down to a synthy, cosmic flow at the midway point showcasing a brief melodic vocal style before charging back in to technical ferocity; a sprawling almost 8 minute long journey that twists and turns throughout.

'Starvations for Elysium' maintains that melodic foundation under the charging pace however it has a blackened edge to the sound interspersed with technical shredding and brief, ethereal keyboards; an absolutely massive track. 'Favors For Significance' is lathered in dramatic flair and opulence but don't let that fool you, it is utterly devastating and will rip your face off.

'The First Deceiver' steps it up a notch or twelve, leaving behind the melodic grandiosity for pure, in your face extreme tech death with a seasoning of blackened rage; utterly relentless with its constantly changing time signatures and tempos but the drama, intricate solos and atmosphere are still very much present. 'Empedocles Dream' is a two and a half minute long instrumental interlude showcasing a haunting dual guitar soundscape providing a brief moment of calm before launching in to the closing tracks of the record.

'Ideals Of Wretched Kingdoms' is evil, sinister and sprawling. Technically challenging time signatures and a perfect balance between dramatically symphonic undertones and harsh, blackened heaviness. The band's musical prowess is on top form here when it comes to the stunningly intricate guitarwork; whether that's stomping riffage or technically precise solos. 'Children of Erebos' has all your 'bleurgh' needs tightly packaged in a gift of pure savage brutality. As the penultimate track of the record, the band are not holding back when it comes to charging forward with a cacophony of dramatic chaos. Finally, we have the album closer; 'Wings of Duality,' another 8 minute long sprawling final push in to the realms of otherworldly heavy atmosphere. With haunting chants, technical precision and cosmic elements of soaring atmosphere; this track is an absolute masterpiece of a closer.

With insane technical precision, charging speeds, progressive intensity and haunting, symphonic melodies with a blackened air of ferocity, The Arcane Order have not only exceeded all expectations but absolutely nuked them in to orbit. Distortions From Cosmogony is nothing short of an empowering work of art.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: June 9th 2023
Released By: Black Lion Records
FFO: Nightrage, Hatesphere, Møl


1) Distortions From Cosmogony
2) Cry Of Olympus
3) A Blinding Trust In Chosen Kings
4) Starvations for Elysium
5) Favors for Significance
6) The First Deceiver
7) Empedocles Dream
8) Ideals of Wretched Kingdoms
9) Children of Erebos
10) Wings of Duality

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