REVIEW: DeathCollector EP - Times Up

REVIEW: DeathCollector EP - Times Up

DeathCollector is made up of 4 members; Andy Whale (drums), Mick Carey (Guitar), Lee Cummings (Bass) and Keiran Scott (vocals).

Spawned from the grisly depths of England/Ireland, comes that legacy and expectation of the death metal heritage that we have inherited through the fire and pain of our individual artistic experiences.”


I have been lucky enough to listen to and review the EP, before it’s official release date on Friday the 4th March 2022. And let me tell you, it is death metal at it’s simplest and purest.

“We are proud to present our debut EP ‘Times Up’ – a comment about the fragility of life and how easy it’s taken away from you irrelevant of how you struggle. When your Times Up, you’re done. This unforgiving and savage 3 track EP displays a harsh and blunt instrument of insight to the unmistakable sound of UK death metal.”

A quote from the band’s promotional material

Track 1 – DeathCollector – The slow intro, features a super catchy riff and some tight drum work, which slowly builds up and leads into the evil, brutal growling vocals. The lyrics set the classic death metal tone, with the first sentence being “The blood is black, the darkness suffocates light”. At 1:48, the song transitons into a fast, thrashy yet still brutal section which WILL make you head bang uncontrollably, I guaratnee it. At 2:53, the song returns to the slower, groovier pace with which it started. The sinister vocals, punchy riffs and gatling gun kick drums give you everything you could possibly want from a well crafted death metal song.

Track 2 – Internal Expansion – The snare drum roll will immediately grab your attention, followed by some more of those gorgeously evil vocals. Some thrashy, high energy riffs will carry you to 0:38, where the music pauses and an almost anthemic section comes in where the words “Life. Inside. Eating. Me Alive” are growled at you, before the fast paced music and relentless drums kick in again. At 2:29 you’re hit with a sublime guitar solo, which leads you nicely into a classic, crunchy and bass heavy death metal groove. This song also features some of my favourite death metal lyrics ever…“Screams of agony give me a big toothed grin” – brutal AF. This track has been released on the band’s bandcamp site, so if you want to listen and pre-order the EP, then click here

Track 3 – Terrorizer – The captivating riffs and powerful rhythm will grab you right from the offset and once again, have you head banging instantly. At 1:49, there’s a flawless and nasty breakdown, where the words “still hands tremble…spiralling down, now I tear through you” are slowly and hauntingly snarled at you. This is followed by yet more delicious death metal grooves and a piercing guitar solo to treat your ears. The track ends with a punchy and aggressive ending section, which will leave you feeling very satisfied and with a very sore neck.

Overall, this 3-track EP has all the must-haves that I look for in death metal and more. Not only is the musicianship world class, but the prodution is outstanding. I have genuinely really enjoyed listening to it (so have my neighbours) and it will be a permanent addition to my death metal playlist. I cannot wait to hear their full-length album, which will hopefully be released later on this year.

Rating: 10/10 – Absolute death metal perfection.

If you haven’t already, then please check out my interview with DeathCollector drummer Andy Whale here >>

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