INTERVIEW: Bangers And Mosh Podcast

INTERVIEW: Bangers And Mosh Podcast
From left to right: Jimi, Dazz and Defa

I had a lovely and very entertaining chat with Jimi, Dazz and Defa who are the creators of the Bangers And Mosh Podcast. The Podcast focuses on metal music, with monthly and annual album round ups, interviews with musicians and other fun episodes. These 3 guys have an incredible knowledge of metal music, so if you love metal, and you’re not already a listener of theirs, then check out their episodes on Spotify!

Today, I asked the guys some questions about themsleves, music (obviously) and a couple of slightly NSFW questions towards the end, which yielded some amazing answers! Some of the questions I asked came from my Twitter/Instagram followers, who are mutual fans of the Bangers and Mosh podcast. I had tears in my eyes from laughing during this, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Listen to the full interview here…

Interview: Bangers and Fae

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