Interview: Petri Lindroos of Warmen/Ensiferum

Interview: Petri Lindroos of Warmen/Ensiferum

Petri Lindroos is a well established vocalist, guitarist and bassist within the Finnish Metal circuit, featuring in various bands covering death metal, melodic death metal, folk/death metal and black metal. He is probably best known for being the vocalist and guitarist in folk/death metal band Ensiferum.

Back in April of this year, Warmen announced Lindroos as their first official vocalist after only previously featuring guest vocalists throughout their previous tenure. This marks a new era for the band where they head off in an entirely new direction.

Lindsay of This Day In Metal sat down with Lindroos for a chat about his extensive career, the future of Warmen, touring and his dream festival lineup. Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel below!

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