Albums Turning 40 in 2023

Albums Turning 40 in 2023

1983 was a great year for heavy metal, the NWOBHM had already laid the foundations of what we know today as heavy metal, and subgenres such as thrash metal, extreme metal and speed metal began to emerge with excellent works. Here we list 5 albums that are essential for metal in 1983.

  1. Def Leppard - Pyromania.

The third album from the British band was released on January 20th, 1983, and gave the opportunity to the band, led by Joe Elliot, to further polish their sound after the extraordinary work that was High N Dry. Although for many, Pyromania was the beginning of the "Americanization" of the band; something that would eventually take shape in their next album.

2. Mercyful Fate - Melissa

The debut from the Danish band led by King Diamond could not have come at a better time than 1983; a year in which heavy metal started to divide into subgenres. Melissa presents a proposal that had not been heard since Black Sabbath's debut. 'Evil,' 'Satan's Fall,' 'Melissa,' 'Black Funeral...' the whole album is an open letter for people from Norway and the Netherlands to create a subgenre called extreme metal and black metal. At 40 years old Melissa and Mercyful Fate still terrifies whoever listens to it for the first time.

3. Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind

Iron Maiden's fourth album and the first with what would be their definitive line-up (Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain) would be a complete revelation for the ears of 80s metalheads. A much more polished album, more technical and better worked than its predecessors, adding Nicko's unique style that gives a special air and an epic sound to this work, opening with one of the most incredible drum intros 'Where Eagles Dare' and offering songs like 'To Tame a Land,' 'Die With Your Boots On,' 'Flight Of Icarus,' 'Still Life' and of course, 'The Trooper.'

4. Dio - Holy Diver

After his departure from Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio would recruit guitarist Vivian Campbell, drummer Vinny Appice, and bassist Jimmy Bain to release the debut album of his own band, simply called Dio. Holy Diver would be the name chosen to baptize that epic work. Considered a watershed in metal, the powerful voice of Ronnie James Dio, accompanied by his fellow musicians resulted in an impressive chemistry and pieces of metal that will never die; and what to say about the cover... simply phenomenal, a monumental album.

5. Metallica - Kill Em' All

One more debut in this list, and one that 40 years after its release is still sweeping. Metallica knew how to combine their musical influences in such a perfect and exact way that the result, besides being brutal, is exquisite. When Kill 'Em All was released, what we know today as thrash metal was born. 'Hit The Lights,' 'No Remorse,' 'Whiplash,' 'Seek and Destroy' and 'Metal Millitia' show that without Metallica, thrash metal would not exist as we know it today.

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